Excel is a great spreadsheet but ...

it’s not a database management system.  That’s why Microsoft Office includes both Excel and Access.

Common issues when Excel workbooks are used as a data store 

· They are not multi user so copies are made, changes are made. Where is the latest data? Who has the most recent version? How to put the pieces together again?

· They are not well suited for periodic, organic growth. Worksheets are good for analysis, but not so good for extension by account periods, new locations, new staff, new products, new anything.

· They have a pretty wide open user interface. Successful usage depends a lot on the competence and conscientiousness of users.

Common issues when Excel workbooks are used as a data store 

· It provides a centralized, structured data store that is secure and resistant to user tampering.

· It provides a data store that is by design organically extensible, and easily mined for analysis.

· It provides a real application that is responsive. A database can enforce business rules. A database application can provide a rich user-interface to ease and guide user inputs. A database application can invoke automation and workflow.

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If your work group is using Excel workbooks as a database management system, then you are probably struggling against many limitations and inefficiencies.  There is a better way.

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